Hell Hounds… Again

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“As an artist, it was never my intention to engage in creating political art or social justice pieces. However, in the creative process, images often reveal their own story.
News of racial injustice and bigotry still permeates our American way of life. It is not the life I choose for myself. The image of a Black woman posed like a Greek statue of Victory is an icon I wish to hold in faith in my heart.
The reality of yesterday and today is that there are actual hell hounds who live and breathe hate and bigotry.
I hope that the temple walls will not come crashing in and that our democracy will still promote the idea of justice for all. I hope the angels carrying their torches, like the Statue of Liberty, bring enlightenment. May the lanterns of our prayers and dreams be visible and keep ascending.”


Limited Edition of 20 19″ x 12.50 $400
Limited Edition of 15 31″ x 20.50″ $700
Limited Edition of 10 44″ x 29″ $1,000