THE magazine Exhibition Of Hispanic Artists

By Richard Tobin

Viewers of this exhibition of work by seven Hispanic artists found a broad range of subjects and treatment germane to any group show. While no single theme seemed to direct the show, convergent axes of some the artist offered interesting parallel and contrast.

…(Tina) Fuentes’ representation of the female image found striking asymmetry of approach in the small, highly decorative, Hindu-style collages of Carlos Quinto Kemm. Kemm’s use of sensual nudes in suggestive poses (and one not-too-subtle flagrante posture) suggested an attempt to achieve an interpretive tension, in these arabesques, between the female form as both desired and ornamental object.

…The mimetic hommage of (Max) Pruneda’s fetish figures at work in Kemm’s collages, was likewise the strength and weakness of retablo work by Ray Abeyta, whose laminated paintings came too close to copies of their source in baroque devotional paintings.