In the Golden Garden

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“In the Golden Garden began with the wish of creating a Buddha figure. I wanted to create a lush jungle landscape surrounding the figure. I found a very beautiful image of Pontormo’s depiction of Christ being lowered from the cross and knew that was to be the Buddha’s face.”
“I imagined animals surrounding the meditating figure trying to bring his attention back to the world around him. The dragon, bee and bird figures are not menacing pests, but images of compassion as they all try their best to alert him to the impending danger.”
“The border surrounding the piece was inspired by a John Anster Fitzgerald’s fairy painting in which he created a wood frame from branches and limbs. It felt like the right note as the forest and the figure are both vulnerable.”


Limited Edition of 20 13″ x 13″ $400
Limited Edition of 15 20″ x 20″ $650
Limited Edition of 10 27″ x 27″ $900